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Get the contracts that you need to legally Wholesale Houses

Your deal is not a deal until you have legally binding contracts signed
The Wholesale Real Estate Contract Pack includes the right contracts for you to close deals quickly.

What's Included in The Contracts Course

In this Step by Step course, you will learn how to fill out the Wholesaling Real Estate Contracts Kit contracts. This course will give you a good solid understanding of and benefits of using these contracts.

Step by Step Video Training

We walk you through each contract and show you how to complete them.

Downloadable Files

The contracts are in different formats so that you print them out or email them to clients.

Lifetime Access

You get full lifetime access to this course and materials. Just log in and use.

Purchase & Sale Agreement

You will get purchase & sale contracts for both the seller and buyer. These contracts include special clauses that protect your business.

Co-Wholesaling Contract

Use this contract when you are partnering with another wholesaler.

This contract includes special clauses for the time frame and how much of a percentage the other wholesaler will receive when the deal closes.

Assignment Agreement

You get 2 types of assignment agreements that you can use to secure the deal with a Buyer.

This includes a standard Assignment Agreement and our recommended and proven Full Price Assignment Agreement.

Why These Contracts are Needed

A deal is not a deal until you have a legally binding contract. These contracts protect you from shady sellers and buyers. You never want to do real estate on the word of the person or a simple handshake agreement.

Contracts are designed to protect both parties. They form the basis of legal action that can be taken if any of the parties do not fulfill the contract’s terms.

These contracts spell out deadlines, deposits that need to be made, condition of the property and more. You need contingencies and clauses that legally protect you in case the seller or buyer of the contract breaches the contract in any way.

You can easily modify these contracts to your needs. These documents can also be used as digital documents that you send via DocuSign, Adobe Sign, or any of the other digital signature service providers.

What Our Clients Say!

Loved the course! David is very clear and to the point with his explanations of the contracts and how to fill them out. Highly recommended for anyone confused about wholesaling contracts.
Darrel T
This is exactly the kind, of course, I was looking for. Extremely helpful.
Cindy P
Wow. These are great and worth every dollar. I closed my first deal using these contracts. Thanks.
Terry L

Get The Contract Course Today

Remember, a deal is not a deal until you have legally binding contracts that are signed.
Closing agents and attorneys will not even close on a property without contracts.

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real estate contracts for wholesalers courses
Real Estate Contracts for Wholesalers
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