This is a quick tip that will help to get your real estate purchase and sale contracts signed faster, by the seller. It has helped us and hundreds of our clients to increase the amount of real estate wholesale deals that are closed each month.

Motivate the Seller To Sign the Contract

In our Purchase and Sale Contracts, we have a Sign By Date clause. The clause tells the seller that they only have a certain amount of time to sign the contract or the deal is null and void.

Deadlines Create More Deals

This one clause in the contract creates a sense of urgency in the seller and lets them know that this is a serious offer to purchase the property. Without a sense of urgency, a seller may not ever sign your purchase contract but will sign someone else’s contract.

We usually give the seller two business days to sign the contract. It can be more if they ask but don?t give the seller too long because you won?t be able to find any buyers of the deal if it’s not under contract.

sign by date clause

In reality, most sellers will sign the contract on the same day you give them the contract. But it does not hurt to have a deadline that gives them a little incentive to sign the contract. This Sign By Date clause can be used in most of if not all your real estate contracts.

The quicker that you can get a property under contract, the faster you can sell the contract to your end buyer.

Get The Real Estate Contracts You Need To Succeed

This example Purchase and Sale Contract is part of the Real Estate Contracts for Wholesalers Bundle. If you would like to close and secure your real estate wholesale deals faster with legal contracts, you can learn more about the contract bundle.

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